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Advisor Resources

Growing Your Chapter


  • Stir up student interest in the new chapter

    • Invite students from another school or state officers to speak to the training programs about SkillsUSA.

    • Hold a kick off event (show the Week of Champions DVD) and be sure to make the meeting fun.

  • Establish a student leadership structure

    • Elect classroom officers.

    • Elect school-wide officers, if your chapter is school-wide.

    • Form committees to help with the program of work.

  • Integrate SkillsUSA activities into ongoing classroom activities and lessons

    • This aspect of the program should be teacher driven. Use the SkillsUSA Career Readiness Curriculum (for high school students) or Career Skills Education Program (for college/postsecondary students) to teach employability skills. You can teach the whole program or select activities and competencies that fit best with your curriculum.

  • Collect membership dues and submit dues and membership forms to the national office (helpful form to collect student information)

    • Establish a bank account for the chapter.

    • Complete and submit a SkillsUSA membership forms.

    • Help students decide how to pay for membership (Do individuals pay, can the school help, or will you hold a fundraiser to pay the annual member dues for the chapter?).

  • Prepare students for competition in the SkillsUSA Championships

    • Determine if you will have a local (school) contest. If so, determine and announce the rules, the date and any awards; invite industry advisory council members to help plan the event, conduct contests and serve as judges.

    • Complete registrations for students to move on to regional events, state events and national events, as appropriate.

    • Help students prepare for any events they enter (click here for a list of national contests).

    • Consider leadership events as well as technical skill competitions.

    • Keep on top of the latest contest updates.

    • Close out the year with a chapter appreciation banquet to recognize those who helped you during the year. Invite your school administrators or parents, if possible.

  • Review all activities and see how they can be improved. Begin planning for next year.

Developing a SkillsUSA Program of Work

Activities should be student-driven with support and help from the advisor. See the SkillsUSA Leadership Handbook for details on how to set up and run the chapter. Your committees should be student-led; they will plan and carry out the work of the chapter in the following seven areas. Conduct at least one activity in each area during the course of the school year:


  • Advocacy and Marketing

  • Community Engagement

  • Financial Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Partner and Alumni Engagement

  • Workplace Experiences


Download the Program of Work description, today! 

WANT MORE?  Watch Program of Work Instructional Videos


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